José Maldonado (Madrid, 1962) belongs to a generation of self-made artists. His work started in 82, year on which ARCO is founded, and continues its trajectory in ascent, level of relevance and increasingly multidisciplinary: music, sound, video, photography, digital image, installations, although in 2009 he retakes the painting he abandons at the end of the 80s. The artistic project that has been developed in the last 15 years is focused on the impossibility of constructing an image and representation of reality that is full and intimate and at the same time capable of establishing a profound communicative link. His work starts from the suspicion, and also from the conviction of the extreme difficulty of reading and incomprehension that the work and work of the artist try to save from the assumption of a vacuum or hunger, a blank space, in which the communication it produces in an unregulated way (implosive and explosive).